Dreams of Recent Months


My black Oriental Shorthair cat, Nathan, was a famous New Orleans chef. Looked good in toque and kerchief. I found this confusing -- "Wait, is he my cat, or is he a celebrity chef?" Next morning (in real life) I made him a little toque, but he did not like it.


The famous California restaurant The French Laundry was opening a branch in N.O. on Orleans Avenue. To promote it, Chef Thomas Keller was doing a guest appearance at the Camellia Grill. I made him an amuse-bouche of a penny-sized disc of beef marrow on a mandolined potato crisp with a dab of creme fraiche. All this seemed to make perfect sense until I woke up.


My friend Kirin was working at a cool store downtown (not sure what kind of store or where "downtown" was). I wanted to go see her. My method of getting there was to body-surf several miles in a shallow, polluted stream. At the halfway point, I realized Kirin had done a watercolor project on the bank of the stream and thrown her brush jars into the water, so I had to be careful of the broken glass on the streambed. Unfortunately, I never got to see Kirin -- the dream switched to one where I was a black high school girl going to a dance and someone had stolen my dress.


My house was haunted by an evil presence. I was scared. Chris was impatient with my fear and announced that he was going out. I begged him to stay, and when he refused, I said I would go with him. He said he was sick of me and I couldn't go. Terrified of being left alone with the ghosts, I jumped on his back to keep him from leaving, but he backed up against the wall and tried to scrape me off. I am not aware of feeling insecure in my relationship, so this is fucked up.