For most of my career, I've enjoyed following certain characters from one story to another. I say "following" because when characters come sufficiently alive that I want to write more about them, it does feel as if I'm trailing along behind them recording their adventures rather than making them up. My continuing characters aren't always the ones readers would most like to see again (I still get letters asking when I'll write more about Nothing from LOST SOULS, a character so firmly a part of my past that you couldn't pay me enough to revisit him), but they are the ones who most inspire my affection, fire my imagination, and intrigue me enough that I have to know what happens next.

"Chronology" on these pages refers to the sequence of events in the characters' lives, not the order in which the various works were published. Publication dates and publishers, when not given on the character pages, can be found on the Bibliography page.

I haven't included Trevor and Zach from DRAWING BLOOD here, because even though they appear in a few other stories ("Vine of the Soul," "Fuck It, We're Going to Jamaica!", and cameos in EXQUISITE CORPSE), I don't feel that the scope of their story is broad enough to warrant a page. Most of the interesting things that were ever going to happen to them happened in DRAWING BLOOD, and the interested reader can take my word that they are now settled in Amsterdam, living a boring but happy life.


For the truly obsessive reader, I have compiled a list of every character I've ever written about