Dreams of the Month


Dreamed the New Orleans Aquarium had an interactive Alfred Packer exhibit. I was crawling up over the mountains and found the massacre site with everyone dead except James Humphrey. He was dying and delirious, and said "If you could just rub my feet -- they're so cold." I did and they were horribly frostbitten. I fed him some red berries I had and then he died in my arms as I said, "You poor, poor boy." He was 22 or 23. It was a very interactive exhibit.



  • I had a huge boyfriend who looked like David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs.
  • Went to China and forgot my passport.
  • Went out partying and shopping for sex toys with Monica Lewinsky.


John Leguizamo was fucked up on some Conan O'Brien show of the mind. Wore heels, wig, heavy makeup. As soon as he got out of there he flew to L.A. and bought a pound of heroin. Trey Parker was chronicling his date with a girl on a mental ward for JANE magazine. Date had to take place on locked ward. He fucked her in the supply closet and I remember thinking it wasn't very nice of him to tell JANE about that.