These stories have never been published and never will be, except on Some of them are stories that were rejected before I made my first sale; some I never even tried to sell; one is just a fragment of particular interest to fans of my characters Ghost and Steve. I'm making these available not because I think they are some sort of lost masterpieces (far from it), but because they may give readers a look at how my fictional voice developed -- or may just give hope to unknown, discouraged writers who'll say "Wow! If she wrote that piece of shit in 1984 and got published in 1985, maybe I have a chance too!" In other words, these are just for fun. Please read them in that spirit.

Wanna Kitten? (91k)
The first fragment of the boys from Missing Mile.

O Urizel! (214k)
Defies explanation.

The Ring (115k)
A pre-Civil War look at a Hummingbird ancestor.

The Freaks (31.2k)
On a cold January afternoon in the coal valleys of Kentucky, two people emerged from a fairground and began walking toward the middle of town...