Note: This listing is as complete as possible. Sometimes work is translated without permission or payment.



DOLENDE ZIELEN (LOST SOULS), Luitingh Sijthoff, 1992. Translation by Nico Richter.

TEKENBLOED (DRAWING BLOOD), Luitingh Sijthoff, 1994. Translation by Nico Richter.

ONVOLTOOIDE ENGELEN (SWAMP FOETUS/WORMWOOD), Luitingh Sijthoff, 1995. Translation by Nico Richter.

BEGEERLIJK KADAVER (EXQUISITE CORPSE), Luitingh Sijthoff, 1996. Translation by Nico Richter.

COURTNEY LOVE: HET WARE VERHAAL (COURTNEY LOVE: THE REAL STORY), Luitingh Sijthoff, 1998. Translation by Beekwisser, Amsterdam.

"Triads," co-written with Christa Faust, ANGST EN APOCALYPS (REVELATIONS), publisher unknown.

"In Vermis Veritas," Passionate Magazine, December 2004. Translation by Yorgos Dalman.



"His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood" and "Calcutta, Lord of Nerves," both in the anthology Suuri Hiljaisuus.



AMES PERDUES (LOST SOULS), Albin Michel, 1994; J'ai Lu, 1996. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.

SANG D'ENCRE (DRAWING BLOOD), Albin Michel, 1995. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.  

CONTES DE LA FEE VERTE (SWAMP FOETUS/WORMWOOD), Editions Denoel, 1997. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.

LE CORPS EXQUIS (EXQUISITE CORPSE), J'ai Lu, 1999. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.

EROS VAMPIRE (LOVE IN VEIN), Albin Michel, 1997. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.

COURTNEY LOVE (COURTNEY LOVE: THE REAL STORY), Editions Denoel, 2000. Translation by Nicolas Richard.

EROS VAMPIRE 2 (LOVE IN VEIN 2), Phenix, 2000.

LE COUER DE LAZARE (THE LAZARUS HEART), Fleuve Noir, 2000. Translator unknown

"Sauve" ("Saved"), co-written with Christa Faust, TENEBRES No. 2, April/June 1998 (special PZB issue). Translation by Jean-Danuel Breque.

"Epingle" ("Pin Money"), ibid.

"Essence de Rose" ("Essence of Rose"), SF Mag (magazine), 2000.

"Encloué" ("Nailed") Forces Oscures 3 (anthology), Editions Naturellement, 2000.

"Finding the Beauty in the Horrible" (nonfiction essay), Ténèbres magazine, 2000.

Foreword, Ténèbres 2000 (anthology), Editions Naturellement, 2000.

SELF-MADE MAN, Au Diable Vauvert, 2001. Various translators.

"Vine of the Soul," COSMIC EROTICA, J'ai Lu, 2001.

"'Le Diable par la queue" ("The Devil You Know"), Tenebres magazine, issue 13, 2001

PLASTIC JESUS, Au Diable Vauvert, 2002. Translation by Virginie Despentes.

COUPABLE (GUILTY BUT INSANE), Au Diable Vauvert, 2002. Translation by Jean-Daniel Breque.

PETITE CUISINE DU DIABLE (THE DEVIL YOU KNOW), Au Diable Vauvert, 2004. Translations by Mélanie Fazi and Nathalie Mège.



VERLORENE SEELEN (LOST SOULS), Bastei Lubbe, 1992. Translation by Inge Holm. (Warning: The copies of this edition I've seen are missing major chunks of text, including the entire epilogue.)

WO DAS BOSE ERWACHT (DRAWING BLOOD), Bastei Lubbe, 1995. Translation by Inge Holm.

UNTIEFEN DER LUST (EXQUISITE CORPSE), Bruno Gmunder, 1998. Translation by Egbert Hormann.

COURTNEY LOVE (COURTNEY LOVE: THE REAL STORY), Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag Ltd., 1998. Translation by Sky Nonhoff and Regina Winter.

"Freiraum" ("Enough Rope") in DER HEIMLICHE SPIEGEL (Crossing the Border), ed. Lisa Tuttle, Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag. Trans. unknown.



CADAVERE SQUISITO (EXQUISITE CORPSE), Frassinelli, 1997. Translation by Maria Teresa Marenco.

NEL CUORE DELL'ETERNITA (THE LAZARUS HEART), Sperling & Kupfer, 1999. Translation by Bruno Amato.

"Le sue labbra sapprano di assenzio" ("His Mouth Will Taste of Wormwood"), LOVECRAFT 2000 (CTHULHU 2000), Sperling & Kupfer, 1999. Translation by Gian Paolo Gasperi.



LA MUSICA DE LOS VAMPIROS (LOST SOULS), Martinez Roca, 1994. Spanish translation by Albert Sole'.

EL ARTE MAS INTIMO (EXQUISITE CORPSE), Reservoir Books, 1998. Translation by Jaime Zulaika.



Translation of LOST SOULS, Kadokawa, 1992.

Translation of "Vine of the Soul," DISCO 2000, High Risk, 1999.

Translation of EXQUISITE CORPSE, Bungei Shunju Ltd., 2003.



Translation of EXQUSITE CORPSE, Akti-Oxy, 1999.

Translation of LOST SOULS, Livani.



Translation of DRAWING BLOOD, Severo-Zapad, 2002

Lost Souls, AST Publishing.



Translation of LOST SOULS, Wydawnictwo.

KRUK: SERCE LAZARZA (THE LAZARUS HEART), Wydawnictwo, 2003. Polish translation by Danuta Górska.


PLASTIC JESUS, Conrad Livros (Brazil), 2002. Translation by Ludimila Hashimoto Barros.

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